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CJ Wildheart - The Building Blocks CD

CJ Wildheart - The Building Blocks CD

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The Building Blocks are the demos I recorded all on my own for SPLiT plus 3 songs that didn't make it onto the album. 

I record at home when working solo, and most of my demos, i.e., vocals, guitars, and bass, are used on the finished album. If you can capture a vibe, that's half the battle, and sometimes it is futile and counterproductive to try and recapture it in a different place.

The 3 songs that didn't make it on the album are two I wrote, Crack and Fire The Battery. The third one is a cover of Bloc Party's Helicopter. I normally record a cover to get me back in the flow at the beginning of a project, so I recorded this tune, a favourite of mine.

This is a slab of D.I.Y punk
Due to demand we've now made a limited number of CD copies.  These are instock and will begin shipping immediately
1. Fire The Battery
2. Kick Down The Walls
3. Butterfingers
4. Victoria
5. All The Dough
6. S.D.E
7. Bad Decision
8. Give The Dog A Bone
9. Mr. Angry
10. Crack
11. All You Rude Boys
12. Schweinhund
13. Grass is Greener
14. Helicopter


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